Arrested at CitiBank, 30 hours in the Tombs: 70-something #OWS protester tells her story

Occupy Wall Street Protester, Arrested and Jailed for 30 Hours, Tells Her Story for the First Time
An AlterNet exclusive: Manhandled, arrested, cuffed, searched, and locked away in the Tombs, this is her uncensored story, in her own words.
October 26, 2011

I spent a weekend in jail.

On Saturday, October 15, I went to Washington Square Park to take a closer look at the Occupy Wall Street movement. There were many young people who could be my children or rather grandchildren, but many older people, too, all generations united, it seemed, under the banner: “We are the 99 percent.”

Different groups decided to go to a bank. I joined one that went to Citibank at La Guardia Place and Bleecker Street. As we entered, there were a couple of customers and a few banktellers inside. A teach-in ensued. The story the students told, surprisingly calmly and politely, was shocking.

“I am $100,000 in debt. The costs Citibank charges me go up and up. I do not know how I can repay it. I find it deeply irresponsible that Citibank makes the kind of profit they do from our indebtedness.”

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