ALERT! If we don’t stop the Spectra Pipeline, stoves will be BLOWING UP all over New York City!

ACTION ALERT: Please sign the new online petition to City Council against the Spectra Pipeline

In July, 3,000 petitions were presented in person to the New York City Council, requesting they pass a resolution against the Spectra pipeline, which endangers both city residents, and residents all over the Marcellus. This pipeline will increase the demand to frack in Pennsylvania and upstate New York; it will deliver fracked shale gas, mixed with radon, to apartment stoves throughout New York City.

Despite these threats to public health, property values and the economies of both urban and rural populations, the City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, who claims to be anti-fracking, and whose own district is Manhattan’s West Village (ground zero for the pipeline), has declined, so far, to comment or take a stance against the Spectra pipeline. At first, the Speaker requested more time to review the draft EIS, in which FERC makes its intentions to approve the pipeline clear. The EIS has been out for a month now, and still no word from the Speaker. The deadline for all public comment on the pipeline is in 3 weeks, on October 31st.

We might be puzzled by this silence, but it fits with recent coverage of Speaker Quinn’s expected mayoral bid, which has painted her as abandoning her base and moving towards a “business-friendly” stance. For instance, news coverage of the new “Living Wage” bill, a measure supported by a majority of the City Council, indicates the Speaker’s hesitancy to bring it to a vote, worried that it will upset business interests.

We certainly support a vibrant economy, such as the one currently thriving in the West Village, with its myriad shops, galleries, restaurants, hotels, and the extremely popular High Line, all of which are in danger from the pipeline. We are curious why any politician might equate opposing this pipeline as being “anti-business,” when it threatens economies both local and regional. We are curious how any politician who claims to be anti-fracking, especially one whose past reputation was as an activist, would support this insanely dangerous and unpopular infrastructure. We especially wonder why a politician whose own district is physically at risk from a potentially catastrophic explosion is not doing more to protect her constituents.

The White House has a new policy that any petition which garners 5,000 signatures will receive a response. Since 3,000 citizens have already expressed their opposition to the Spectra Pipeline, we wonder how many signatures will be needed to garner a response from Speaker Quinn.

Thank you for your support.
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