ALERT! Fukushima’s gone back to “recriticality”

Because the people of Japan, profoundly threatened by the spread of radiation, aren’t getting any truth about it from their government, they’ve had to find the truth themselves; and since the corporate press has also kept us mostly in the dark about that gradual catastrophe, We the People over here must help those over there to spread the word—because what’s happening to them is also happening to us, even if our government and press have also blacked it out. (In a world of failing nuclear facilities, no man, or woman, is an island.)

So what does “recriticality” portend?

A friend lays out the possibilities:

The result of this “criticality” can be:

-continual release of high radiation levels into the environment with isotopes of cesium,iodine, strontium, plutonium etc.

-a renewed nuclear meltdown and superheating of the rods and melt material….”china syndrome” and massive rad leakage

-going “supercritical” like a uranium a-bomb uncontrolled cascade reaction and a resultant huge and ultra dirty nuclear blast, many times bigger than Hiroshima.


Breaking News: Fukushima recriticality again
Posted by Mochizuki on October 18th, 2011

Tepco and the government stupidly declared that they can “cold shut down” Fukushima plants by the end of this year.(Source)

However, it turned out that Iodine-131 is still found in Tokyo. Half life time of Iodine 131 is 8 days.

According to Tokyo shimbun 10/18/2011, citizens in Hachioji Tokyo, where is one of the worst hot spots around in Tokyo, measured Iodine-131 from the dirt in a gutter.

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