3 Wisconsin activists in jail over refusal to leave Capitol in Madison

Activists in jail after refusing terms of signature bonds related to charges from August incident at Capitol
Post by Emily Mills on 10/10/2011 4:26pm

Three activists are in jail this evening after an initial court appearance to set the conditions of signature bonds regarding an August 25 incident at the Capitol that resulted in misdemeanor charges.

CJ Terrell, Thi Le, and Damon Terrell were given the option of signing the bonds or spending time in jail while awaiting their court date, but refused over terms stipulating that they not violate any administrative codes in the future.

One other defendant, Alexander Oberley, agreed to sign the bond with objections and was let go. Two others, Jenna Pope and Jeremy Ryan, are currently out of state and have been given a 10 day period in which they must either sign the bond or turn themselves in to be taken to jail.

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