WI state employee gets fired for clarifying voter ID policy

State Employee fired after sending “Voter ID” email
Posted: September 8, 2011 by bdgrdemocracy in Media Check

John “Sly” Sylvester received the on-air phone call Thursday morning (“Sly in the Morning” AM1670 WTDY) from recently terminated State Employee Chris Larsen breaking the story. Larsen explained he had been fired for communicating a clarification to his fellow State Employees regarding the new Voter ID policy. This on the heels of an email from DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb instructing DOT employees to refrain from offering the IDs for free – they had to be requested, fueling accusations of voter suppression and poll tax (to those who unknowingly pay for the ID). Chris Larsen sent the following email from his office computer at The Department of Safety and Professional Services to his fellow State Employees in the 1400 East Washington Building:

Do you know someone who votes that does not have a State ID that meets requirements to vote? Tell them they can go to the DMV/DOT and get a free ID card. However they must ask for the free ID. a memo was sent out by the 3rd in command of the DMV/DOT. The memo specifically told the employees at the DMV/DOT not to inform individuals that the ID’s are free. So if the individuals seeking to get the free ID does not ask for a free ID, they will have to pay for it!!

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