Video of NYPD mace attack on women has gone viral

Sun Sep 25, 2011 at 01:00 AM PDT
NYPD pepperspray women behind barricade at #OccupyWallStreet is Viral (UPDATE: w/ victim testimony)

(UPDATE: I am sitting with Chelsea Elliott, who is the blonde woman who was attacked in the video below. Here is a short message from Chelsea, written on my laptop for you all.

Hello all,

I was one of the girls that was maced yesterday. I’m in the black tank [with an albino beer belly hanging]. Pretty surreal stuff. I have talked to multiple press outlets, including the New York Times, since yesterday. Ironically a few moments before what you see in the video I was telling the police officer before me that we are there for them as well. They risk their life everyday to protect us, yet their pensions and salaries are being cut and their friends are being laid off.

However, at that moment nothing really sunk in as they were under a lot of pressure. In retrospect, I am still here for the police. Most are with us, and they may have seriously helped our effort yesterday by overreacting.

In the video, I turn around as I hear screams and the girl who was behind me was slammed down onto to the pavement. I saw blood and I screamed. This violence was totally unwarranted. I look back to the officer before me and all I could say was “Stop! Why are they doing this?” Dumbfounded, I turn around again only to be maced in the face by an officer walking by in a white shirt.

The cop before me says something like “Thanks for the warning!”. He felt it, too, as did ordinary New Yorkers strolling by getting Vietnamese food behind us. I just fell and sobbed like a baby; not as tough as I want to look. It really sucks that it had to get to this level for us to get media coverage in our own country. Don’t let this scare you from our movement. And don’t be angry with the police; there’s always a bad apple. What we are doing is important and necessary and this will give us momentum…

Watch this graphic video of unprovoked NYPD violence. It has gone viral. Help it go farther by tweeting, sharing it on facebook, and getting out the evidence of what is going on at #OccupyWallStreet.

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