Using nets and pepper spray, NYPD arrests 80 peaceful demonstrators in Manhattan

Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 80 Arrested for Peaceful, Legal Protest; Nets & Pepper Spray Used.
By Chaz Valenza (about the author)

7:57 PM – Occupy Wall Street marchers have started off for One Police Plaza. NYPD are following with arrest net.

Lady Liberty Wrapped in American Flag Talks to NYPD by Global Revolution

7:30 PM – Dark now. Above Lady Liberty (name unknown) wrapped in an American Flag and Betsy Ross wig makes impassioned appeal to NYPD officers, “We’re fighting for you pension, we’er fighting for your social security, we’re fighting for you children and your children’s children. We’re fighting for liberty. We’re peaceful.”

7:00 PM – General Assembly decides half of Liberty Plaza protesters to remain and keep the occupation. The of 1/2 of the protesters will be marching to One Police Plaza to demand information and medical care for those arrested.

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