Tough coverage of NYPD brutality, from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell

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When will this country come to grips with the police state and totalitarianism that’s been allowed to thrive under the odiferous umbrella of fear, paranoia, and the promises of unattainable security?

The Nation and its authorities have taken or been granted what is akin to an untouchable, teflon, Papa-can-do-no-wrong status, and rarely, if ever, are held accountable for their crimes. They have become little more than organized gangs of thugs, acting on behalf of officials who rap a populist rhetoric, but act out a tyrant’s dream of total control. .. Profiteers and hoodlums with flagsd on their starched lapels.

Mayor Bloomberg, you should be ashamed… and prosecuted….

When the People cannot get justice in the courts, they -will- eventually seize it in the streets and back alleys. it will be then that the Oligarchs who abused their authority and trust will indirectly bring their own demise.

God, let it come soon.

To freedom!! To the spirit and written intent within the Bill of Rights!!

It’s time to rock and roll all over these fascist tyrants!! Time to let them taste their own boot heels… Sociopaths with badges that they are…

I’m sure the right-wing media is having a great time spinning this, and druming up lots of self-rightous fake anger over this. I don’t have a TV, but I would imagine that Bill O’Reilly (or someone just like him) would be the first person to jump on this gravy train and go on and on about the NYPD being our heroes and protectors, and, of course, go out of his way to mention his grandfather who was a NYC cop many years ago. However, while singing the NYPD’s praises and saying the “hippies” got what they deserved, the Republicans are busy tying to dismantle police officer unions, fire as many officers as possible to cut “spending” and to promote “austerity measures”, or cut off funds so they could start to privitize the police force.

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