NYPD runs amok at 12th St. and University Place: Does Michael Bloomberg want his cops to kill somebody?

Unbelievable protest footage. NYPD drag girl across the street

7 replies on “NYPD runs amok at 12th St. and University Place: Does Michael Bloomberg want his cops to kill somebody?”

A lot of very good commentary made by the woman filming this video. Nothing is more near and dear to Bloomberg’s heart than Wall Street and he sent in his goons to squash the dissent. How can a bunch of kids, mostly in their early 20’s, peacefully protesting possibly be a threat to an edifice as large, powerfull, and unaccountable as Wall Street? Thanks Bloomie for all the great memories, and lest we forget, your complicity in the removal and destruction of the WTC steel.

Not NYPD’s finest day, but what’s up with the protestors taunting the cops & making it worse? The lady haranguing endlessly at the end is especially not helping the cause the protest is seeking to promote. When you undertake a non-violent protest, keeping dignity is key to the PR battle you’re waging. Just sayin’

The police and other law enforcement agencies are always filming and taking copious amounts of still photographs of all protests, especially if the protesters are coming from the left. If they were from the Tea Party, all the police with cameras would be replaced with wall to wall reporters and cameramen from the corporate media each getting their big “scoop”.

I will do everything in my power to never do any kind of business with NYC. Get them where they live, get them where they will hurt. Don’t do any business with NYC or the banks.

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