NYPD pens up peaceful protesters—all women—and then maces them

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These are some of the same tactics police used in Cairo. We are rapidly approaching 3rd world status. Liberty is fading fast.

Between second 47 and 49 you see a white officer in a dark cap and white shirt, calmly walk up (behind a black officer in a blue shirt) hold up mace in his right hand, and gas the women. No-one was being threatened. This was straightforward assault. His face needs to be given to the police so he can be arrested.

I saw one officer in blue by the name of Diaz,who drag a young guy and he keeped telling him he could not breath. I am married to a police officer and would divorce his ass in a new york minute if i saw him doing something like that. The girl who was talking said it right we pay their salary, they should be protecting the people not wall street that have taken these people jobs and money. Bloombergh you are a total idiot to let these cops do this. No wonder people have no respect for the law, look at what they have done. I’m ashamed to even say that my husband is a cop. When someone ask me what he does i tell them that he works with his Dad.( even if he is retired) he fully agrees with me that New York is shamefull. I have watch the video’s and saw what they did. Kelly you are a disgraced as a police comm. Both you and Bloombergh need to get out of office.
OR WILL YOU NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL SOMEONE GETS KILLED. (By the way my husband was high up in the police dept. ) Spent 33 yrs.

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