NYPD arrests LIVE STREAM team at Wall Street protest
Sat Sep 24, 2011 at 12:29 PM PDT

NYPD is Taking Out #OccupyWallStreet Live Stream Team – Luke Richardson Arrest

Here’s video of Camera man, Luke Richardson being arrested.
An hour or so ago, the LIVE STREAM Coordinator Marissa Holmes was arrested.  Shame on NYPD

A Message From Occupied Wall Street (Day Seven) CLICK TO LEARN ABOUT #OCCUPYWALLSTREET.
As the curtain of delusion slowly sinks to the ground, the reality unfurls.  Shame on Bloomberg, Shame on NYPD, THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!

These arrests are NOT American Exceptionism.  That meme is being flushed down the toilet.  Those of us who have seen what is really happening in this country are saddened for those who have to wake up.  It’s now or never.  Now is the time, before the fate of American families worsen.


IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SCREEN RECORD and upload to YOUTUBE, do so.  We are the fracking MEDIA now!  And, btw, youtube blocked my vids with #occupywallstreet IN TITLE OR TAG.  So, the workaround is post video with a silly title.  I used Pumpkin Carving for the title and tag and the same two videos posted just fine!

To watch the Live Stream, go here. The NYPD might have arrested the team, but there is still something broadcast most of the time.  AND, you can watch recordings of this weeks Live Stream.   FIGHT BACK!

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