New Yorkers, help save St. Mark’s Bookstore!

Supporting Efforts to Preserve St. Mark’s Bookshop
St. Mark’s Bookshop at 31 Third Avenue (St. Mark’s Place/9th Street) is one of the oldest and most respected independent bookstores in New York.  For more than thirty years, St. Mark’s has stocked an incredible collection of books and periodicals, with a specialty in cultural theory, graphic design, poetry and small press publishing, film studies, and foreign and domestic periodicals and journals. In 2007, GVSHP awarded St. Mark’s aVillage Award, in recognition of the irreplaceable contribution they make to our neighborhoods’ quality of life.

Unfortunately, changing technology and the economic downturn has hurt St. Mark’s Bookshop, much as it has many of our local, independent booksellers.  Due to decreased business, St. Mark’s is appealing to Cooper Union, their landlord, to re-negotiate the terms of their lease in order to allow them to be able to stay.


GVSHP recently wrote to the President of Cooper Union to support efforts to find a way to make it feasible for St. Mark’s Bookshop to remain (read the letter HERE), and posted an interview with St. Mark’s Bookshop owners Terry McCoy and Bob Contant on our blog, Off the Grid, to call attention to the potential loss of this unique and venerable institution, and to support efforts to save it.



  • Send your own letter to the President of Cooper Union supporting efforts to find a way to allow St. Mark’s Bookstore to remain; CLICK HERE for sample letter and contact information.

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