New hacktivist group vows to make elections honest in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Wire: New Hacktivist Group Formed In Wisconsin, Pledges to restore elections
September 11, 2011
By Segway Jeremy Ryan

In the days of Anonymous, Lulzsec, and several other groups that have a similar cause, a new group emerged today. Seemingly inspired by the famous web activism group Anonymous, Wisconsin Legion formed to help bring light to Wisconsin politics. In a message delivered on video they pledge to not stop until elections are fair in the state of Wisconsin. This is something I, personally, can get behind. Wisconsin is ground zero for the fight against the current fascist agenda. Wisconsin Legion is clear to note that they are not at all part of Anonymous but do fight for the same principles fought for by Anonymous, just on a more local level. As a journalist and activist I was able to get a connection into the Wisconsin Legion group. They stated that they are a group of dedicated people purely focused on getting attention to the injustices in Wisconsin. The first official statement from the group is shown here:

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