Michigan bill would jail teachers who send political emails

“Rep. Pscholka said the law would depend on co-workers who report violations by their colleagues.”

Michigan bill would jail teachers who send political emails
By Eric W. Dolan
Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 — 5:13 pm

The Republican-led Michigan House of Representatives is considering legislation that would prohibit public employees, such as teachers, from sending a political message using a publicly-owned email service.

Violating the law would result in a $10,000 fine for an organization, and a $1,000 fine and one-year imprisonment for an individual.

The House Oversight, Reform and Ethics Committee adopted the bill, HB 4052, by a 4 to 2 vote along party lines last week. It was first introduced by Republican state Rep. Al Pscholka in January, shortly after he was sworn in to his first term in service to the 79th House District.

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19 replies on “Michigan bill would jail teachers who send political emails”

Gosh I only thought Michigan was a cesspool, now I know it is. . But “stupid is as stupid does”. . If you elect these morons and allow them to do such things with impunity. . you deserve what you get! Suck it up Michigan it’s gonna get worse for you. .

And how exactly do you know “these morons” really were elected? You don’t,
because you can’t: America’s computerized voting systems, owned and run
by private companies, are easily hacked, and their “counts” impossible to verify.

The only way these Tea-bagger fanatics could ever “win” office is through
vote suppression and election fraud. They’ve never had majority support, and
never will. But until we face the facts about the US voting system, and take
the necessary steps to change it, these freaks will just keep “winning.”

Perhaps it is a good rule at heart, not using public paid time or resources to advocate a political viewpoint. However this proposed law is certainly an over reaction. Both parties have created laws with draconian penalties which seemed design to protect their respective rackets.

Bryan, perhaps not “advocating”, but at least discussing political viewpoints is part of what teachers are paid to do. Teachers have the duty to educate students about the political system and current events. Teachers also have the moral responsibility to teach children to think critically, or in other words, to “wake up.” Good teachers do not force political views down student’s throats, but help them to become politically aware enough to participate intelligently in democracy and political discourse.

Mark Crispin Miller, you are absolutely correct! i keep telling people, the best thing we can do for this upcoming election, provided people don’t vote NONE OF THE ABOVE!, is to hire a bunch of hackers to hack the voting machines to neutral. i mean true neutral and keep the that way throughout the day! maybe then we can get an accurate vote! i mean unless we use paper ballots, that is.

well, mark, there is a lot of truth to that statement, too. however, that is the point. get those of us (like the 99%) who really do care to do the count. the question, really, is whom to vote for?

This is another attack on our freedom and liberty. Atty. Gen Schutte is busy trying overruling the voters in Michigan concerning the medical marijuana law. Now this.
It’s obvious the Nazis aka rethugnicans have an agenda which will eventually lead to martial law under der fuhrer Snyder.
What’s next?
Herr Snyder is a NWO globalist puppet. Bilderberg? Illuminati? Wants his NAU bridge built for monied interests.
Michigan has one of the most far right legislatures in the country, filled with kneejerk rightwing neonazis, globalists and corrupted corporate whores.

Good. Lazy government employees shouldn’t be using taxpayer funded resources for their ignorant left wing political activism.

So, teachers don’t use your personal time on the school’s computers to send an email – that, meanwhile, no one has the business to read but the recipient. So how do these reactionaries know what’s being written?
AND Wall St. bankster, don’t call your college student children at university while riding in the bank’s limo and using the bank’s phone. Don’t have the driver stop at Starbuck’s and get you a latte or pick up your suit at the cleaners while on bank time in their car with their driver.
Na na na na na. Can a drone take a pic of your face through the top of the limo and see the Starbuck’s logo? Can the city CCTV system take a pic of your limo sitting outside the Starbucks or cleaners?
Can we have a picture of every American wiping the snot off their hands after a huge sneeze? Gee – this getting into the personal business of others could get addictive! Oh wait! In Stasi American, it already IS!!!
If you don’t believe 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, then you may as well pick your nose in public, because, thanks to this new Stasiland, you already do!
The new breed is way scarier than this dinosaur and his fear of techies and emails.

Voting by absentee ballot may be the answer to having our vote count. I am thinking of doing this, but will miss seeing the neighbors, who I only see when I go vote. I like a hand written, hand signed paper trail.

Brian, that won’t help, unless your ballot is hand-counted, which it probably isn’t.

So I’m guessing the other comments are from people that would have no problem with a teacher who is a member of the Communist Party using his government funded email to call for a political ‘revolution’ in the US?

Heather McConnell said:

” no one has the business to read but the recipient. So how do these reactionaries know what’s being written?”

Actually, the owners of the networks it is being sent on have the right to read it. Not just the school, but every computer along the path. E-mail is not now nor has it ever been private. People added disclaimers and warnings, but it is pointless.

When you “send” an email, all you are doing is asking someone else’s computer to pass along a message for you. The owner of that computer has every right to read everything that goes through his computer, and some would say the obligation to. He can be held responsible for what happens on his system, so he’d be a fool to let you use it unmonitored.

And I assume that it’s OK for far right-wingers, and Tea Partiers to send E-mails from within public institutions to dismantle and further destroy the federal government. It certainly seems acceptable for ex-members of ALEC like Scott Walker, and Eric Cantor to use a public position of trust (one in which they have sworn to represent their constituents) to implement the sick and twisted vision of the Koch brothers.

This is ridiculous… jail is too extreme. Why can’t they just put in their procedure manual that using a computer that is property of the school for personal use is prohibited and may result in termination of the employee. Maybe they should incorporate a 3 strikes rule. Strike one= written up. Strike two= suspension for a week without pay and Strike three= termination. Have the teachers sign it. Personally, I wouldn’t be sending out anything political on a public computer anyway.

“Violating the law would result in a $10,000 fine for an organization, and a $1,000 fine and one-year imprisonment for an individual.”

Maybe this is a way for Michigan to raise money. A lot of states are broke so maybe this is the first law of many. Who knows… the more laws they pass, the more ridiculous the laws will become.

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