MI6 (and CIA) implicated in the torture of Libyan rebel leader

MI6 knew I was tortured, says Libyan rebel leader
Abdul Hakim Belhaj says MI6 helped CIA arrest him and send him to Libya for torture
Martin Chulov, Monday 5 September 2011 21.16 BST

A Libyan rebel leader who was rendered to Tripoli with the assistance of MI6 said on Monday that he had told British intelligence officers he was being tortured but they did nothing to help him.

In a claim that will increase the pressure for further disclosure about the UK’s role in torture and rendition since 9/11, Abdul Hakim Belhaj said a team of British interrogators used hand signals to indicate they understood what he was telling them.

“I couldn’t believe they could let this go on,” he said. “What has happened deserves a full inquiry.”

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2 replies on “MI6 (and CIA) implicated in the torture of Libyan rebel leader”

There you go, again, Professor Miller. A few days ago you were raising fears of Libyan Sharia-ites. Well, here he is, and now you’re complaining about how he was tortured! Make up your mind!

I wasn’t “raising fears of Libyan Sharia-ites.” My point—too subtle, evidently—was that the same folks who have idealized the rebels in that country seem peculiarly unbothered by the radical Islamists in the movement. Very different from the way the US media has treated, for example, the insurgents in Iraq, some of whom are also radical Islamists, but _all_ of whom are cast as such.

In any case, even if I were “raising fears of Libyan Sharia-ites,” I’d still condemn the US torturing them or anybody else.

(Seems you still haven’t read any of those articles. If you did, you might have a clearer understanding of that points that I was making.)

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