Media reform is crucial, but it’s not enough—so Project Censored is now going farther

Project “Censored 2012”: Moving Beyond Media Reform
Wednesday 7 September 2011
by: Mickey Huff, Seven Stories Press | Book Excerpt

Long before the Internet allowed for sites like Truthout and BuzzFlash to become outlets for stories ignored by the corporate media, Project Censored annually recognized news coverage that is vital to the process of an open and transparent democracy.Truthout is offering the 2012 edition of Project Censored in advance of its publication with a minimum one-time donation of $30, or a monthly commitment of $10 or more to Truthout.


As we approach the historically prophetic and now mass media-hyped “End of Times” year of 2012, hysterical speculation abounds. The failed prediction of a preacher in Oakland, California, who claimed the Rapture was upon us come May 21, 2011, was quite metaphoric as it exposed, yet again, how someone in American society is always able to captivate the corporate media by spinning doomsday yarns, whether it be Y2K or the upcoming 2012 end of the Mayan calendar (further manifest in the outpouring of Hollywood apocalypse films).

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1 reply on “Media reform is crucial, but it’s not enough—so Project Censored is now going farther”

I think it was a Republican president who said something to the effect of you can make fools of some of the people all of the time.

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