Koch/Walker secretly shut blacks & women out of WI construction projects

Walker suspends order requiring minority, women participation in construction projects
State Rep. Toles fears action will encourage discrimination in construction industry
Story compiled by MCJ Staff

In what can best be described as a stealth move that only came to light this week, Gov. Scott Walker recently suspended an executive order requiring minority and women apprentices on state construction projects.

On March 9, amidst the rancor of controversy and protests over his efforts to deny state unions collective bargaining and a proposed state budget that many observers have described as “draconian” because it severely cuts state aid for a number of quality-of-life programs,

Walker quietly signed Executive Order No. 18, which suspended Executive Order No. 108 requiring employers awarded state construction contracts to participate in Wisconsin’s apprenticeship program.

Many minority workforce advocates claimed the apprenticeship program was the only path to employment in the construction trades for minorities and women.

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