Judge Lillian McEwen has the goods on Clarence Thomas—and she’ll be on the air tomorrow (9/22)!

From Andrew Kreig:

Your readers are invited to participate in my MTL “Washington Update” radio show tomorrow, which provides a rare opportunity to understand the Justice Clarence Thomas-era at the Supreme Court. This is especially important to those in Alabama because he is the Court’s liaison to the 11thCircuit, which includes Alabama.

 Our guest tomorrow at 11:17 a.m. (Central) is retired U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Judge Lillian McEwen. She holds an unmatched role in the Thomas saga as his lover for 3+ years (overlapping Anita’ Hill’s employment in DC).  A former federal prosecutor, she worked as Senate Judiciary Committee counsel for  Chairman Joe Biden, including during the confirmation hearing. The now-notorious unfairness of that hearing enabled the confirmation. Senators ridiculed Hill for many hours on national television, and left her hanging as the only adverse witness allowed to testify.

Unknown to the public or even Hill, Biden’s counsel had participated with the future Justice Thomas in conduct that she regards as appropriate for their romantic relationship – but which surely would have stopped his  nomination dead in its tracks.  As it was, Senators rushed through the confirmation by a 52-48 in the closest vote of a century. Authorities also rushed a phony ”swearing in” ceremony at the White House to fool the public right at the start.  This halted further inquiries about the Senate testimony and prepared the way for a long-running smear campaign that ramped up in 1992 against Hill — and the decades of Court decision-making that’s helped change our way of life, for better or worse according to your perspective.

My show tomorrow with McEwen is previewed here ( Listen live or by archive, spread the word  to your friends, and participate by sending in questions.  Also, please consider reading Judge McEwen’s impressive memoir, “DC Unmasked and Undressed,” which is described on our Project’s website.


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Book details:

I hope also that readers will consider exploring these and similar revelations about Justice Thomas and similar leaders in the future. One way is by Facebook/Twitter activity extending the reach of this kind of announcement. Judge McEwen’s revelations are only part of my ongoing research about misconduct in the Senate confirmation process and higher-level  courts.

Right now, I’m assessing interest in a conference about this at the National Press Club next month timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the confirmation hearings, which I attended.  This is a logical follow-up to the conference I organized in June 2009 at the Press Club following my reports in the Huffington Post about the frame-up of former Gov. Siegelman. C-SPAN provided three hours of news coverage of that 2009 conference, which some of you might recall as a breakthrough bypassing the traditional media to provide national coverage of DOJ political prosecutions.

Since that time may of us have wondered why the courts, Senate and other watchdog institutions do so little to correct abuses even when injustices are thoroughly documented. The full story of the Justice Thomas era at the Supreme Court, enabled by the Senate and traditional media, provides part of the answer. Please join us tomorrow, and lend your ideas to suggest next steps.


Andrew Kreig

Director, Justice Integrity Project 

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