“Job creators”? Koch brothers—now worth $25 billion EACH—just keep on KILLING jobs…

By Brad Friedman on 9/25/2011 12:19pm
The Koch Brothers: Very Rich Job Killers

First, hearty congratulations are in order to the Koch brothers who, according to Forbes, are now worth $25 billion each!

That’s up from the pathetic $17 billion each were worth back in 2009. So it looks like this economic downturn…this “Obama recession”…despite all of those “job killing tax increases” (there were none)…and “job killing regulations” (there were very very few)…seem to be working out great for the two “job creating” co-owners of Koch Industries, the oil and chemical conglomerate the brothers were fortunate enough to inherit from their father.

The combined personal wealth of the two brothers has increased a total of $16 billion dollars over the last three years under the current President — no matter what they like to suggest to the contrary when they’re speaking in places they think nobody is listening to them.

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