2 thoughts on “FDR built over 1,100 post offices—and now the GOP has faked a “crisis” to destroy them ALL! (3 items)”

  1. the GOP is getting ready to pull the plug on the dreaded “government” by not renewing the FAA and pulling the plug on USPS because it has been such a successful gov institution.

    The GOP’s corporate sponsors has gutted the middle class by massive outsourcing of US jobs overseas and offshoring and now wants to gut the goverment, by firing school teachers, police officers, and other public employees.

    GOP is really waging a full on financial war against anyone who isn’t part of Bush’s base. They hate us, they despise us and if we get sick, their health plan is to just die quickly.

  2. The insane GOP and their owners (Koch Bros, et al) simply can’t stand to see large amounts of money anyplace that the rich can’t steal and horde. They also detest seeing working people who aren’t desperately poor andorking for bare survival. The only money they’ll tolerate being paid out to people by the government is the money they’re paid.


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