Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Mussolini, met with Koch before he pulled the state out a winning carbon-reduction program

Christie Stunner: NJ Gov Met With Pollutocrat Koch Before Pulling Out of Successful Carbon Pollution Reduction Program
By Stephen Lacey and Joe Romm, ThinkProgres
Posted on September 8, 2011, Printed on September 9, 2011

ALTERNET NOTE: The audio featured in this post was obtained by Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog, whose reporting on the Koch confab is also featured at Mother Jones. The post that appears below was originally published on the Climate Progress blog of ThinkProgress.

In late May, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he was pulling his state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, explaining that it was “not working.” Now a stunning tape of a secret meeting between Christie and Charles Koch sheds light on the governor’s inexplicable decision to abandon a program that was not only cutting pollution, but was funding clean energy and, as it turns out, reducing New Jersey’s budget gap.

David Koch, introducing Christie: Five months ago we met in my New York City office and spoke — just the two of us — for about two hours on his objectives and successes in correcting many of the most serious problems of the New Jersey state government. At the end of our conversation, I said to myself, “I’m really impressed and inspired by this man. He is my kind of guy.”

Koch is the biggest funder of climate disinformation in the country, a billionaire pollutocrat who pulls the string of the Tea Party, which in turn is driving the country to a ruined economy and an unlivable climate. And Christie is his kind of guy. You can see why they wanted to keep this behind closed doors.

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