Channelling Marie Antoinette, Wall Street’s finest sip champagne & chuckle at the protests

Huge crowd on Wall Street:



Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011

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The myth that Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake,” needs to be laid to rest once and for all. My sentiments are with the protestors; I support Occupy Wall Street completely. But to perpetuate the lie that Marie Antoinette and the Wall Street CEOs are all in the same heartless and greedy boat while the Titanic that is the U.S. economy sinks is an ignorant and weakening tactic. Do your research before you propagate such a headline as this on the internet!

Many thanks,

Elizabeth, you’re being pedantic. Yes, that story happens to be spurious. So what? The
callousness of the ancien régime IS comparable to that of Wall Street’s top tier; and so I’m sure her shade is willing to forgive me for the short-hand.

In any case, how is the comparison “weakening”? If it gets around and makes the necessary
point, who’s “weakened” by it? Nobody.

Will Durant, a historian that wrote “The History of Civilization”, made the obsevation that civilizations go thru cycles of accumulation and redistribution and that they come about by peaceful or violent means. The French Revolution being violent and FDR’s New Deal being a peaceful redistribution cycle. If there is an “American Spring” the Supreme Court will be to a great part culpable for their decision to allow corporations personage status and making Wall Street more of a target for those that are victims of the jobs depression. There is a lot of fuel, the unemployed, the underemployed, the educated with no future and those who see their future very limited, for making a dramatic change in how the USA does business. Will it be violent or peaceful?

To paraphrase one of the protest signs: “The corporate media can ignore the protests, but that doesn’t mean they’re not happening. It also doesn’t mean they won’t have a huge impact.”

Robspierre? They’d be better off with Billy Jack… I don’t think this country is going to end up in a violent revolution because they know the history of the Russians and the Chinese. Nobody wants that.

Good headline…it caught my eye and that’s what it’s for.
Liberty or death is a strong place to stand and it does look as if violence is becoming increasingly unavoidable. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I will happily take the freedom of death over “living” in chains any day.

Okay…Mark….Nobody was talking about the American Revolution. We were talking about here and now. NOBODY wants violence. As for the American Revolution, there were people who didn’t want a war with England either, as I recall. It happened anyway. However, neither side of this conflict of the minds (which is where it is right now in my opinion) has no George Washington, Ghandi, MLK or any other leader of significance to make an impression upon the moderates–who will decide the election in 2012. People really need to revisit the “National Initiative” and think on it now. When it was first introduced, people didn’t take it seriously but there are good points in there that could keep this country from totally imploding.

No shortage of irony these days.
Thank you for a pertinent reality check and a reminder of the significance regarding distances between those on opposite sides of a line that keeps moving.

Well, no, Tina. You brought up the history of the Russians and the Chinese, which isn’t “here and now.”

But all discussion of violence aside, there’s not a shred of evidence that “moderates” will decide the next election, any more than they decided those that “elected” (say) Scott Walker and John Kasich Governors in 2010, or Bush president in 2000 or 2004, just to name a few of dozens of examples.

The evidence of widespread election fraud (as well as vote suppression) in those and other races since 2000 is, by now, overwhelming. Our voting system is a dismal joke—based, in the vast majority of precincts, on easily hackable machines, whose workings are completely non-transparent. and with the whole arrangement run by private companies owned and managed by far-right Republicans.

With such a system operating coast to coast, small wonder that the House is dominated by a fringe whose members have no real majority support—and that more and more of us are, therefore, in the streets.

And that’s the problem with the National Initiative. With all due respect to Mike Gravel, that program is utopian, because it fails to take account of what has happened to electoral democracy in the United States. Until we have a reasonably democratic voting system, any such electoral “solution” is a waste of time.

Perhaps we could adopt a low-tech, mail-in-ballot of presidential (for example) candidates. Each voter would pencil in their choice, while being required to sign their John Hancock on the bottom line before dropping it off locally for volunteers to hand read, double check (against a master sheet or scanner containing individual signatures), then submit to a third election official for verification and encoded/protected emailing to each State Capitol.
1) eliminates ‘man behind the curtain’/’ghost in the machine’
2) provides paper trail for later review, if necessary.

Finally, individual emails could go out for individual verification. I.E.”Hello from your local election office. Is this YOUR signature and voting correct voting choice?”

Just saying.

Duane Hanson

If there are anarchists among the protesters, even they have to realize that violence will hurt the cause. The violence must come from the other side. It already has, from the NYPD.

As you begin to suggest, a solution to our problems is NOT going to be found at the ballot box, its going to be found in the streets. Our election process has become a sham which is only going to get worse with the USSC Citizen’s United ruling. Wouldn’t it be grand to see a Nelson Mandela leading a team of UN election inspectors in this country, just like Jimmy Carter did in Africa so many years ago?

As for violence, while nobody may seek violence, sometimes it is inevitable. Who amongst us thinks that those people on the balcony are going to give up their lifestyles freely and without a fight? No thief wants to give back what he has stolen. I bet the Dimons, Blankenfelds, Cheneys and Cock Bros are burning up the phone lines to Eric Prince at Blackwater seeking to bolster their private armies. Mercs with US military issued equipment. They’ll be well prepared to defend their own should the world fall apart.

election fraud is clearly an issue that needs more illumination, but the biggest fraud in this “democracy” is the two-party system itself. if your choice is only between the lesser of two evils, then the power of money makes it certain that both parties will just become more & more evil. I’d rather “waste” my vote on the Green Party. at least I can be ineffective without all the apathy that usually goes with it.

the elite scum can afford to mock us because they’re so well protected. they got their security goons, the police, the military (those not deployed overseas anyway) and, in a pinch, they can always call in the well-armed & easily-duped Tea Party.

while it seems like “The Left” is pretty much committed to non-violence, we shouldn’t minimize the cathartic and community-building effects of busting out a few windows and burning a coupla cop cars. even peaceniks need to blow off a little steam from time to time. just sayin’…

President Obama’s in now and really is basically on the people’s side. From a practical standpoint, protests must be kept non-violent. Let the police riot, they seem up for it (Chicago 68?). As chief executive officer, President Obama must enforce the laws. Let’s not put him in a bad position. Let’s see if we can work with him.

A President Perry or Romney or worse? Things could change. I’m not advocating violence as most (but not all) revolutions work better following the Ghandi lead. Still, I’m just saying….

Surely those morons sipping champagne must know that comparisons to Marie Antoinette will be made. Maybe not? Probably never had history in all their business and law classes.

It is now November 18th; the Occupy Movement is celebrating it’s 2nd month. Back on Oct. 2nd, no one seems to have quoted Gandhi: “First they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they fight you; then you win.” Back on Oct. 2nd, it was “they laugh at you”. Now, on Nov. 18th it’s “they fight you”.

People; we’re about to win.

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