CEO threatens to sue—i.e., shut down—a righteous blogger

CEO Threatens A Lawsuit Against Legal Schnauzer

The CEO of a student-housing development company is threatening to take legal action against me.

Ted Rollins, the head of Charlotte-based Campus Crest Communities, stated in an e-mail dated September 23 that “to the extent false or misleading information is published” about him or his company that he would pursue “all legal means available.”

By “legal means,” to remedy “false or misleading information,” I assume Rollins is referring to a possible defamation lawsuit against me. There is only one problem with Mr. Rollins’ threat–I haven’t written anything false or misleading about him or his company. Everything I’ve written is supported by public documents and/or multiple press reports.

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I think you have nothing to worry about! Really… you might even end up winning some money and getting Mrs, Rollins what’s rightfully hers!


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