Celebrate the Occupy Wall Street movement, at Epifaneo in NYC!

Peoples of the world are rising up to call for progressive change, which at its core requires economic justice. Now history is being made in the financial epicenter of the planet. Common people demanding liberation from oppressive banking policies, robber baron capitalism, war-based economy, and debt servitude have occupied Wall Street. Common people are demanding an end to fat-cat-bonuses for those who devastated our economy while the poverty rate climbs. Common people are demanding a future with true opportunity for all.

We must celebrate this bold action, provide a connection to New Yorkers, and help galvanize support for the courageous, committed, and yes, patriotic purveyors of economic justice in our midst.

Come to Epifaneo, the new gathering place for progressives, at 56 Walker Street in Tribeca, 1 block below Canal Street, between Broadway & Church Street, where will host a Celebrate the Occupy Wall Street Movement gathering this Thursday through Saturday beginning 7pm each night. We’ll have speakers, food, music, and conscious energy. The paradigm shift is ours to create. Be there!

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