“I came from Illinois to stand up for my future, and the future of this country” (GREAT INTERVIEW w/ a Wall Street protest organizer)

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Occupy Wall Street: A Movement is Born

“Wall Street is War Street” – A sign at the Occupy Wall Street protest

As trading came to a close on Sept. 28, Day 12 of the Occupy Wall Street movement, hundreds of protesters took part in what has become a now-regular march on the U.S.’s leading financial institutions.

As the demonstrators filed by Wall Street’s iconic statue, calls to “castrate the bull” erupted. While passing One Chase Manhattan Plaza they chanted, “The banks got bailed out, we got sold out.”

From the bank bailouts to the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the protesters say the government is acting on behalf of an elite few, while serious needs continue to go unmet.

James McGauhey, a 26-year-old from Carthage, works with individuals with developmental disabilities. Or at least he did. McGauhey quit his job to come organize and camp out at the-now-occupied-and-renamed Liberty Plaza, located approximately a thousand yards from Wall Street.

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