You want honest elections? What we need is bold mass action on Election Day—like what the REAL Tea Party did!

I asked a friend who works in election protection why his group has published nothing on the wee-hour surge that put Alberta Darling in the lead; and he replied as follows—an answer that’s not only edifying re: Darling’s win, but deeply bracing for its bold description of the kind of democratic grass-roots action it will take to change our voting system at long last.

This is strong stuff; but it will take strong stuff to make the change we need ASAP.


Oh it’s so old hat (the late-night surge); we knew that Waukesha was going to be late reporting because we had an EP team there (Menomonee Falls) and there were a lot of absentee ballots and lines at the polls, and they were quite meticulous about pulling out the absentees and making sure they weren’t double votes,so the counting went quite late, legitimately; so when those precincts came in they were, being Waukesha, strongly Darling and that’s what caused the surge; Milwaukee actually reported after Waukesha, but it was suburban Milwaukee so it didn’t help Pasch; there were also other suburban counties in the District that came in overwhelmingly for Darling.

My take: quite possibly rigged in the machines all over the state but probably had nothing to do with Kathy Nickolaus or the late-night surge from Waukesha, nothing so overt. They’re good at misdirection, so you have to make sure you don’t start chasing the wrong fire engine down the street. And “proving” fraud without a memory card, a whistle-blower (in fact even with a whistle-blower), and/or immediately impounded ballots is a losing proposition anyway. What really needs to happen is a series of white-hat hacks, electing “Richard Nixon” or “Adolf Hitler” or “Mickey Mouse” to a series of high-office seats, or just giving some Republican 800% of the vote–the possibilities are endless.

Continuing the thought, even more what needs to happen is a reframing into an “or-else” demand for transparency, observable vote counting, “proof of fraud” be damned. The real crime is not the fraud, it’s the taking the critical recording and counting components of our vote away from us and hiding it in their proprietary dark.

So you get 500 angry citizens together and on Election Day they march down to some polling place, push through anyone who tries to stop them, take possession of the opscan, pull out and ferret away the memory card for analysis, then smash the fucking machine to smithereens, replace the demised opscan with a sealed ballot box, and unscroll a Proclamation saying (eloquently) that they will remain on site to count the votes in full public view.

They will be arrested, of course, but there is safety in numbers, and the Proclamation and offer of public service are the keys. Think of it as a lineal descendant of the real Tea Party. This is what populist revolt looks like. If we don’t have the stomach for that, we can forget it.

3 thoughts on “You want honest elections? What we need is bold mass action on Election Day—like what the REAL Tea Party did!”

  1. I’m confused. Exactly what evidence of fraud is your friend pointing to? The fact that his favored candidate didn’t win?

    John P. Garry III
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. No, John. This person, like all other serious election integrity activists, is rigorously non-partisan. And the evidence of fraud in scores (at least) of races nationwide is long since well-established—as is the fact that our election system can be hacked with ease, so that we cannot know with any certainty that the votes were counted honestly in ANY race. Hence the need to do away with this preposterous system, and go back to one that lets the public count the votes (as they’ve now done in Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands).

    If you’re still “confused,” you should stop posting comments on stray blogs and do some reading on the subject.

  3. I one can get 500 people fired up enough to break the law and face arrest, one should be able to get several times that number to call and visit the local clerks, and officials and election officials and demand a hand count of the votes. If a few people did this and showed up at the polling place with signs urging a hand count of the votes and encouraging people to write-in their candidates if there isn’t a hand count. One coulod accomplish a lot more but it would not have the flair.

    Encourage people to join WI Citizens for Election Protection (facebook) or at .

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