Wisconsin’s city clerks can’t get time off for election training

Clerks feeling election pressures (AUDIO)
by BOB HAGUE on AUGUST 8, 2011

Wisconsin’s municipal clerks are key to smooth running elections, but they’re under increasing pressure. Sun Prairie City Clerk Dianne Herman-Brown is president of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association. She says time, and unfunded mandates, are two major concerns for clerks right now.

Herman-Brown says even as election rules and regulations grow more complex, many clerks are not given the time or the resources to keep up with training. “Many of these clerks I know personally, and their board would not let them attend training, and would not let them leave the office,” Herman-Brown recently told the state Government Accountability Board.

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2 replies on “Wisconsin’s city clerks can’t get time off for election training”

Well, according to you and Brad Friedman all these clerks are corrupt, anyway.
So maybe it’s a good thing they can’t learn the latest cheating techniques from the Kochtipus.

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