Wisconsin Tea-bagger admits comparing US public schools to Nazi Germany

Wisconsin GOPer Admits She Compared Public Schools To Nazi Germany
Evan McMorris-Santoro | July 30, 2011, 4:01PM

So now we know: the 2010 blog post deleted from a tea party social network recentlycomparing America’s public schools to Nazi Germany was in fact written by Kim Simac, a tea party organizer and the state Republicans’ choice to recall a Democratic state Senator in Wisconsin on August 9. But we still don’t know why the post mysteriously disappeared just as the election is entering the homestretch.

Incidentally, we also know this: Simac says she doesn’t think America is headed towards its own 1,000 Year Reich, though she stands by the arguments she posted back in 2010.

On a Wisconsin Public Radio interview Thursday, Simac was asked about the post, which appeared on the Patriot Action Networkback in Oct., 2010. Here’s a sample:

The scary comparisons of the indoctrination tactics of our youth today and those of the Hitler Regime of past.

I am done raising my kids but if I was a young parent today I would take my kids out of the public school system today. At what point will we stop talking about the comparisons to what is occurring today and what actually happened by the regime of the Nazi’s in the past?… Take the commercial that Glenn Beck showed from British Progressives that explains to little children that if they do not listen to their teachers recommendations on subjects such as carbon emissions, they could have their heads blown off. Add to that Kindergarten Sex Ed classes and I really wonder how it is American parents smile and kiss their children good bye every morning and in good conscience hand their most precious resource over to the hands of such questionable people.

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