Wisconsin recalls: Fool me once, etc. (Cassandra Vert)

Wisconsin Election Fraud: Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me
August 9, 2011
By Cassandra Vert

As Wisconsin’s recall election results are coming in, an editorial in the Sheboygan Press calls out a new and pervasive kind of voter fraud. Before the election, letters and phone calls went out to some Wisconsin voters (guess which districts) giving false information about how and when to vote.

In some cases, there have been incorrect addresses for where to send the application, or an incorrect date that the ballot must be returned by in order to be counted. The [Wisconsin Government Accountability] board said it also has received complaints about automated phone calls that have contained incorrect dates and other election information……When confronted about the false information, the group sponsoring the mailer or robo-call has claimed it was an “honest mistake” or typographical error.

We saw this before in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

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2 replies on “Wisconsin recalls: Fool me once, etc. (Cassandra Vert)”

They CANNOT be allowed to get away with this. This is such an egregious, and in your face example of deception, and more importanly, election fraud. I’m not very confident that Obama’s Justice Department will do anything about this. Maybe a petition needs to get started and sent to the powers that be on the local and federal level, assuming they are not brazenly right -wing entities that are on the payroll of the Koch’s, and Dick Armey et al.

Ben, there’s no reason to be AT ALL confident that Obama’s DoJ will ever look at this.
This administration is exactly as concerned about election fraud as BushCo’s was—
notwithstanding the GOP’s routine use of such fraud to elect itself.

If you want to petition someone, don’t bother with “the powers that be on the local and
federal level.” Rather, you should focus on progressive journalists and pressure groups,
and tell THEM to start dealing with this issue. Where’s Rachel Maddow? Michael Moore?
Ed Schultz? John Nichols—or anybody else at The Nation? Mother Jones? DailyKos? MoveOn? PFAW? Common Cause? The ACLU? If all of them continue to stay mum
on this subversion of democracy, they might as well be working for the other side—
something lots of people should be telling them.

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