What a surprise (not)! Democrats fall JUST short of taking over Wisconsin senate…

Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Democrats Win Two Seats, Fall Short Of Taking Over Senate
First Posted: 8/10/11 02:11 AM ET Updated: 8/10/11 09:37 AM ET
Amanda Terkel

WASHINGTON — Democrats won two Wisconsin state Senate seats in Tuesday’s dramatic recall elections, but they fell short of the three needed to take the majority away from Republicans.

Six incumbent GOP state senators were forced to defend their seats on Tuesday in historic recall elections. The efforts to change the makeup of the state Senate came after Republicans passed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) controversial measure stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Even though Democrats weren’t able to take back one of the chambers of the legislature, they touted the fact that voters ousted two incumbent Republicans as a major victory.

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