Walker cutting millions in child care subsidies

Capitol Report: State looks to save millions by cutting child care subsidies
JESSICA VANEGEREN |The Capital Times | jvanegeren@madison.com |
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The state is changing its method of reimbursing in-home day care providers who accept children in the Wisconsin Shares program for low-income families.

For the past 20 years, Verona resident Joan Mrkvicka has watched as the number of low-income families in need of quality child-care services has increased in her community.

The recent hit to the economy is part of the problem, she says, and has caused a noticeable spike in the number of calls she is receiving from parents in search of a provider who accepts state child-care subsidies.

She admits there are difficulties in caring for children from low-income families: frequent scheduling changes, parents running behind with their co-payments, and an endless mound of required paperwork for the state.

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