Verizon strikers picket stores, and chase the scabs away

Verizon Strike Turns Away Customers and Chases Scabs
Mischa Gaus
August 11, 2011

Union picketers are turning away customers at Verizon’s wireless stores in the Northeast, though injunctions could threaten that tactic. Photo: Massachusetts Jobs with Justice. Make sure to check out Verizon striker Pam Galpern on “Democracy Now!”

Verizon’s strike in the Northeast is into Day Five, and big picket lines are turning away customers at Verizon’s wireless stores.

Injunctions could threaten one of the union’s most effective tactics, mass picketing at stores. But another—mobile picketing—is causing havoc for the company. Techs are chasing scab managers through the field, making them cross their very own personal picket line at the bottom of a pole or while they try to work in a manhole.

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