Under Obama, Bush’s wars will never end—and so neither will the suicide bombings

Barack Obama’s wars without end
Atrocities such as the Kabul attack continue and troops remain in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the US president’s pledges
Mehdi Hasan
guardian.co.uk, Friday 19 August 2011 22.30 BST

Smoke rises following a Taliban attack on the British Council in Kabul, Afghanistan on Friday. Nine people were killed. Photograph: Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Another day, another attack. On Friday, the Taliban celebrated Afghanistan’s independence day with an audacious assault on the British Council office in Kabul, which killed nine people. The day before, insurgents killed at least 25 people after a roadside bomb ripped through a minibus in the western province of Herat and a suicide car bomb exploded at a US-run base in the eastern province of Paktia.

Earlier in the week, on Monday, insurgents in Iraq launched their most deadly attacks of the year. At least 70 people were killed and more than 300 wounded in a series of co-ordinated strikes across the country, involving car bombs, gunmen and suicide attacks.

A decade on from 9/11, bloodshed and chaos continue to plague Afghanistan and Iraq.A US state department report published on Thursday revealed that the number of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan had jumped by 55% last year; in Iraq, attacks were up 9%. The US-led invasions and occupations of both countries have been a dismal failure – thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars squandered. The presence of western troops in Muslim lands has provoked more terrorism than it has prevented.

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