“Tight race predicted” in last WI recall elections—which, therefore, the GOP will “win,” whether they win them or not…

A story from Chris Cillizza’s WashPost column—entitled, fittingly enough, “The Fix.”


Tight race expected in final Wisconsin recalls
by Rachel Weiner

Norma Furger, right, a school teacher from Lodi, Wisconsin, reacts to the news that Democratic candidates were losing ground in last Tuesday’s recalls. (Steve Apps – AP)The Wisconsin recall fight ends Tuesday, and while the state Senate is no longer in play, Republicans could cut into the gains Democrats made last week. One Democratic seat in tomorrow’s election is probably safe; the race for the other one is very close.

“Here we’re fighting on our turf,” said Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski. “We’re cautiously optimistic.”

State Sen. Jim Holperin appears to have the slight edge in the hotly-contested 12th district as a well-liked incumbent, but increased Republican enthusiasm in this GOP-leaning territory makes it basically a toss-up.

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