So how did we get here? Through rigged elections—and now they’ll rig the next one, too (unless we use Hand-Counted Paper Ballots)

From Jonathan Simon:

Losing the War On You: How It’s Come To This

Anyone handicapping negotiations knows that it matters not a whit where they begin or what the score is in the 6th inning;

it’s where it’s going to end up, and about that there’s been, or should have been, no doubt at any point:

Cheshire cat smiling ubercynic Mitch McConnell (who is one right-winger who I have 0% doubt knows all about the electoral rigging done and to come) was going to write the plan with Grover Norquist, it was going to have Zero on the revenue end and crippling cuts to the hated New Deal programs (finally), it was going to be all about “drowning government in the bathtub,” and Obama wasn’t even going to be given enough ‘cover’ to survive in 2012 (when the ‘disaffection of his base’ will be the cover story explaining his defeat as well as the demise of the Democratic senators riding his negative coattails).

The Democrats in the Senate will be insane to pass the McConnell “compromise”—but, being insane, they will, leaving Obama a choice whether to sign and seal his own electoral doom or veto and plunge the world into a financial tailspin. Now all this was politically preordained when the GOP netted a spectacular 125 House seats (mostly for Tea Party wingnuts) on a modest Generic Congressional Ballot lead of 9% last November. (By way of comparison, the Democrats’ 26% Generic Congressional Ballot advantage netted them only 58 House seats in 2006, the last off-year election. That’s 125/9 vs. 58/26 and that’s statistically impossible in the absence of wholesale rigging.)

And everything in between was essentially Kabuki, and not worth paying the slightest attention to.

Yes it is a war on you, as Michael puts it—and they’re slipping blanks in your guns and dum-dum bullets in theirs each November. We won’t even begin to be able to fight back until we take over the vote counting process, make it public and observable with Hand-Counted Paper Ballots. Period.

Jonathan Simon

Election Defense Alliance

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