Scott “Mr. Thrifty” Walker left a crater in Milwaukee County’s budget

Plain Talk: Walker left Milwaukee County with ‘Titanic meets Hindenburg’ budget
DAVE ZWEIFEL | Cap Times editor emeritus | | Posted: Monday, August 29, 2011 5:30 am
SCOTT BAUER – Associated Press

We had all better cross our fingers that Gov. Scott Walker leaves Wisconsin in better shape than he left Milwaukee County.

New Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is struggling with an enormous budget hole and, according to newspaper accounts, there are no easy cuts left. Walker made those when he was the exec before leaving to become the governor.

Last week Adele deadpanned that all the warnings he had heard about an “alarming, severe, grim and bleak” budget hole didn’t adequately describe what he now knows is reality.

“The Titanic meets the Hindenburg” doesn’t do it justice, he said, adding that he will release his plans to address it sometime Monday. It won’t be pretty.

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