Police won’t let Paul Ryan’s unemployed constituents into his office

Paul Ryan’s Office Locks the Door on Unemployed Constituents
Submitted by Brendan Fischer on August 25, 2011 – 8:10am

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s focus on cutting federal social programs apparently leaves little time to deal with the unemployed in his district, according to constituents who have been staging a sit-in at his Kenosha, Wisconsin office since last week, and who were barred from Ryan’s office by police on Wednesday.

National Aspirations Crowd-Out Local Obligations

Since Thursday, August 18, several of Rep. Ryan’s unemployed constituents, frustrated at their inability to get in touch with their congressman to express concern about jobs, have been occupying their representative’s Kenosha office. Others have been protesting outside.

“Ryan has been long on plans for cutting Social Security and Medicaid, and short on plans for job creation,” said Kelly Gallaher, community organizer and coordinator of Kenosha-based Community for Change. Gallaher, who has been attending the protesting in support of those sitting-in, points out that Racine has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. Racine’s unemployment levels often surpass those of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city and the fourth-poorest in the United States.

According to Gallaher, “the toll the economy has taken on people in Racine is being ignored by Congressman Ryan.”

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