PayPal strikes back against Anonymous by giving FBI 1,000 IP addresses

PayPal hands over 1,000 IP Addresses to the FBI, look out Anonymous
By Matt JurekJuly 30, 2011, 5:57 pm 3 Comments and 79 Reactions

PayPal was attacked by Anonymous last year when they had blocked the Wikileaks accounts transactions. Now PayPal has finally come up with enough evidence to strike back at Anonymous with the help of the FBI. PayPal has come up with a list of over 1,000 IP Addresses left behind when they were attacked by Anonymous.

From the attack last year:

PayPal has been under attack ever since they stop taking payments for Wikileaks donations. This time a 4-Chan’s Anon has actually succeeded in taking the site down. As of right now they PayPal site is not responding. MasterCard and Visa have also been under DOS attacks all day as well. Anon had been blocked on and Facebook earlier today which he then proceeded to attack Twitter. Twitter never went down in the attack, probably because their network has a large enough pipe to handle it but the image below shows that it actually had some effect on the servers.

These IP Addresses were left behind from the DDoS attacks which were targeted at PayPal. Those IP Addresses could prove both useful or useless to the FBI as they start their investigation. The DDoS attacks are usually performed on computers that have been infected with viruses so the owner of the machine might not even know they are playing part in the attack. However the FBI may be able to perform forensics on those computers to find out where the infection originated from.

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