Only 2 seats flip in Wisconsin. Dirty tricks? OF COURSE! But few reporters will discuss it (except this guy)

Democrats Voted On Wednesday: Only Two Seats Flip in WI Recall

In the historical recall elections in the Wisconsin state senate, two seats held by Republicans turned blue on Tuesday. While not enough to place a bipartisan check on ALEC‘s corporate agenda favored by Gov. Walker and the conservatives, the elections were mired in dirty tricks that included election fraud and flooding of out of state money from hidden donors.

Turnout was very high in the Wisconsin recall. Many polling places reported long lines at the 8pm closing time for polls. In some areas, voting levels neared what they were for a presidential election. Turnout in the April state Supreme Court election was 35% while the 2008 presidential election that saw Obama sweep the state was 71%. The low point appeared to be the 2nd district where the Republican Rob Cowles held his seat with a 45% turnout.

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