“Obama faces big green tests heading into 2012 election” (and Planet Earth is also facing a few challenges)

It’s all about him.

Thus the media treats every major problem—as a PR hurdle for the President/Congress/GOP/Democrats, or whatever other elite interest is involved.


Obama faces big green tests heading into 2012

By Ben Geman – 08/20/11 05:30 AM ET

President Obama faces several politically volatile decisions that could alienate green activists heading into 2012 or motivate them to battle hard for his reelection.

The White House must consider new smog rules, planned greenhouse gas standards for power plants, oil companies’ push to drill in fragile Arctic seas and many other matters that are being intensely scrutinized by environmentalists.

And unlike the first two years of Obama’s presidency, when climate legislation collapsed in the Senate, decisions on these issues are firmly in Obama’s hands.

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