Matt Damon’s great speech to the teachers in DC

See interview here:

What We Saw at the Save Our Schools Rally in Washington D.C.
by ReasonTV Including Matt Damon.

Please note that ReasonTV, and all things Reason Foundation, are arms of the Koch brothers and their cronies propaganda media consortiums for the Tea Party anti-public vinem.

Also watch Matt Damon’s speech to the teachers in D.C.

2 thoughts on “Matt Damon’s great speech to the teachers in DC”

  1. Very insidious stuff. Isn’t Reason a Koch brothers funded institute? The new far right tactic of having a somewhat attractive woman with ample cleavage (who couldn’t even begin to imagine how demanding teaching full time in an inner city public school is) not listening to real working people’s responses, twisting the words, and asking very loaded, and misleading questions. I’m glad that Matt Damon didn’t put up the BS that the shill interviewer and idiot cameraman dished out.

  2. And since when does the far right give a crap about education? Oh yeah, when there are massive profits to be made by privitization, fundamentalist Christian dogmas to spread, Ayn Rand morality (or lack of it) to warp young minds with, and Milton Friedman style free market fetishism to revere and venerate. Yet another form of Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” playing out with a little help from the good people at ALEC and their shameless shills in Congress.

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