If lefty orgs don’t wake up NOW about election fraud, we’re toast (Jonathan Simon to PFAW)

The same goes for MoveOn and all the others asking for donations to help “get out the vote” in Wisconsin and wherever else.

PFAW’s pitch, which Jonathan is answering, is down below.

From Jonathan Simon:


I understand that this GOP absentee ballot dirty trick makes a good donation appeal, but here’s something a 
lot more valuable than a donation: Ask yourself, is there really a bright ethical line between sending out “Vote Wednesday” ballots to Democrats and just flipping votes inside an optical scanner by setting the zero counters to, e.g., +50 (Hopper) and -50 (King)?

It’s that easy, my friend—and unless you and other Progressive organizations address, and remain bulldog-focused on, the issue of computerized vote tabulation (the Right, as you must know, took over the equipment vendorships a decade ago; we might as well be handing our votes to a little man behind a curtain wearing a Bachmann For President button), the entire Progressive agenda is DOA and US politics will continue to suffer from the “mystery disease” of which the Debt Ceiling charade is just a symptom.

We have the numerical evidence, anytime you’re ready to strap them on and look. Think of it this way: there is 

no question that, at least from a Progressive viewpoint, the American body politic is exhibiting symptoms of disease. What is going on in Washington and in many states just does not make political sense. The radical Right, instead of being electorally punished for destructive hyperpolarization, has been electorally rewarded (in 2010 a Generic Congressional Ballot lead of 9% netted the GOP 125 House seats; in 2006 a GCB lead of 26% netted the Democrats all of 58 seats–ask yourself by what calculus such is possible?). Faced with symptoms that could stem from a brain tumor or a nutritional imbalance a clinician orders a cranial MRI; symptoms that could be a heart attack or a indigestion call for an EKG, etc.

In each case the responsible clinician acts to rule out the more dangerous and deadly malady but, faced with such symptoms in the body politic–along with the Right’s control of the voting apparatus, willingness to win by any means fair or foul (see above), and all the numerical evidence of votecount manipulation analysts have amassed–its clinicians reject the MRI, reject the EKG because, apparently, they just don’t want to know.

Election theft is such a dread diagnosis, it seems, that it is better to just let the patient die than to risk getting to the bottom of what is wrong with her. But, unfortunately, it’s your funeral, it’s my funeral, it’s America’s funeral, and it may well be humanity’s funeral. Please reflect and act.

Thank you–Jonathan Simon, Executive Director, Election Defense Alliance


With your help, no amount of ruthlessness, corporate money or dirty tricks will stop us from holding the Right accountable for its war on the middle class.

Dear Jonathan,

The Koch-funded Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to solidly Democratic voters in at least two Wisconsin Senate recall districts with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date,Politico reports today.

Only eight days to go until Election Day, when we MUST Recall the Right and force the shift we so desperately need as a country … but we have to overcome the Right’s dirty trick’s and unlimited corporate cash to do it.

Please make an urgent donation of $35, $50 or $100 to our Recall the Right campaign now to help us turn out the progressive vote.

Your support has put us on good footing in this fight so far, but Americans for Prosperity’s misinformation campaign is just the latest example of the ruthlessness we’re up against in Wisconsin.

  • Right-wing legislators and Gov. Scott Walker have enacted institutionalized voter suppression with a very restrictive and burdensome photo ID requirement.
  • Gov. Walker has moved to shut down DMV offices in Democratic-leaning areas around the state to make it even harder for those voters to obtain that ID.
  • Tons of corporate money from right-wing front groups keeps pouring in for the Republican candidates — including a new $150,000 ad buy from AFP in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison to accompany their dirty tricks in the mail

The corporate money is so abundant on the Right that just one day after Alberta Darling — a favorite of the corporate right who PFAW is now running ads against — showed a dip in the polls, the right-wing Club for Growth announced a massive $400,000 ad buy just in her district! The Club for Growth is spending well over a million dollars on the recalls altogether.

Help us keep fighting back hard with an urgent gift of $35, $50, $100 or whatever you can give now.

Your support so far has allowed us to meet our budget needs, but with all we’re up against, those needs keep increasing — and this is no time to back down!

Thank you for your energy, your activism and your unwavering commitment to the American Way — and to helping us fight to protect it.


Michael Keegan, President

P.S. The Tea Party in Congress just brought the country to the brink of default and forced a terrible deal on raising the debt limit that’s chock full of draconian cuts for the Americans most in need of help. Wisconsin can be where we turn the tide — We CAN’T let them win in Wisconsin! Please donate to help us Recall the Right now.


One thought on “If lefty orgs don’t wake up NOW about election fraud, we’re toast (Jonathan Simon to PFAW)”

  1. This is one organization for which I have a wee bit of hope. I participated in their June? teleconference about the recalls and the first person to ask a question talked about election integrity issues. Her concerns were not dismissed as with so many other groups and they spoke about being aware of problems. Maybe they did read the snail mail sent?
    There were connection issues so I got disconnected three times but was delighted that the first caller got through. I was impressed enough that I wrote and asked if the conference was available to hear again and they sent me a link.

    As for all the other organizations and media contacted, nothing.


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