He may oppose B’Obama’s wars, and that’s all good; but Ron Paul has a Tea-bagger’s understanding of the Constitution

Ron Paul and fellow Republicans failing history

Rep. Ron Paul has become an Iowa darling over the last two presidential-election cycles. With cries promoting a less active foreign policy and being the lone candidate to point out the flaws of America’s “War on Drugs,” enthusiastic Iowa Republicans have rallied behind Paul. But his domestic agenda undermines his foreign-policy appeal. Particularly startling are his ideas on education, terrific ignorance of the Constitution, and an all-too-familiar tone in the Tea Party Republicans’ attempts to mislead Americans.

Claiming that the Constitution does not authorize Congress to create a Department of Education (it does), Paul displays a startling lack of Constitutional competency. Article I, Section VIII, Clause XVIII — the “Necessary and Proper Clause” — granted Congress the authority to create the Department of Education in 1979 with the “Department of Education Organization Act.” It was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter, serving to consolidate the many bureaus handling federal involvement in public education. While the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, it is not as if Republicans have not had opportunities to repeal that Act of Congress.

But the willful deception only begins.

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