Earthquake nuke risk on East Coast: 1 plant down, 12 shook

As ever, the NYTimes and other US media are whispering that there’s no cause for alarm.


Nuclear quake risk on East Coast: 1 plant down, 12 shook
Deborah Dupre
Human Rights Examiner

As a big blue Freedom Bus rolls through cities proving nuclear energy, like other non-renewable sources are inhumane, twelve U.S. nuclear plants were shaken, eight declared “unusual events,” and two extra risky reactors shut down during Tuesday’s east coast intense quake after which it was reported that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) previously “meant to identify” earthquake risks at North Anna nuclear energy plant near Tuesday’s epicenter, as various parts, systems, and hose stations at that facility “are not seismically designed.”

North Anna’s two reactors [in Virginia] were still shut Wednesday morning, unable to open until almost noon, although no damage was reported at the other eleven facilities in “walk throughs” according to Associated Press.

Among the twelve shaken nuclear energy plants Tuesday was New Jersey’s Oyster Creek plant, the nation’s oldest in operation according to Associated Press.

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