Don’t let News from Underground go dark!

I’m forced to write to you again, in hopes that you can manage a donation to help keep this service going. If we can get enough of our devoted readers to commit to just a couple bucks a month, we can keep NFU alive without my having to write any more of these please-give appeals. (Believe me, I don’t like writing them any more than you like reading them.)

Below is the last fund-raising pitch that I sent out. It makes the case more fully than I’m doing here, and tells you how to sign up for a (very) modest monthly contribution, if that’s what you can do.

Many thanks for sticking with us, at a time when we need all the truth that we can get.


If you get News from Underground—by email, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting the blog—I hope you’ll help us keep it going with a small donation. We don’t need much, as we’re a very modest and efficient operation; but it does cost us a little bit to keep it up; and so, from time to time, we have to turn to you for some assistance. And such a time is now.

Now, when I say “small donation,” I do mean it. If things are tight for you right now (they’re pretty tight for most of us these days), you can arrange to have one dollar every month, or two, or five, sent  automatically. (If you can manage somewhat more, that would be great, as it will help us keep our focus on the news.) Whatever you can do will mean a lot to us, because it means you want to help us make a difference.


And, as I’ve said before, that’s what we’re trying to do—and it’s a lot. It may not take a ton of money, but it does take time and thought, and technical resources, to find the news that people need to hear,  and to present it, and explain it, in a way that makes its meaning and importance clear. By doing that daily work—and getting you to spread the word as well—we can get others to perceive that we need  radical reform (some dare call it revolution), and that such change (real change) is possible.

Without you, we can’t do it. With you, we can certainly do that, and thereby help the rest do much, much more, by fighting back at last, until we win.


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