Clint Curtis blew the whistle on Republican election in Florida (and no one listened—or is listening now) (MUST-SEE)



Also, a video of Clint Curtis’s testimony re: GOP election theft in Florida (and beyond):

4 thoughts on “Clint Curtis blew the whistle on Republican election in Florida (and no one listened—or is listening now) (MUST-SEE)”

  1. Why isn’t this front page… round the clock, cable and TV news?

    We are so screwed…. unless we go nuclear… I mean 1789 French nuclear – this next election cycle will install more corporate demons than ever before.

    and that doesn’t mean Republicans… it’s clear Obama was a bought and paid for stooge for the big boys of banking and Wall st.

    He’s their house n!gger…. outfitted with a red coat and high black boots…

    So sad…. but I’ll never be fooled by passionate rhetoric ever again… Obama cured me of hero worship.

    If you want the job of president — you shouldn’t be allowed to have it.

    we are so screwed.

    Where is Robespierre? — we need a violent, uncompromising, march on the demons of Washington… and they aren’t necessarily Republican. the DEMS are owned as well.

    Outlaw the CORPORATION …. no more life tenure for judges…. and money from districts only in every race…. maybe that will change things

  2. Jack T – I believe your comments are out of order – particularly in regard to the use of a racial slur against the President of the United States!

  3. In 2005 , I was the Executive Director of the Broward County (FL) Democratic Party, Clint Curtis came to my office and told me his story, I immediately set up a meeting for him with the Broward DEC Chairman, Mitch Cesar. After the meeting with Mitch and Clint, Mitch told me he thought this guy (Clint) was crazy, not to have anything to do with him. Mitch wasn’t concerned in the least with the info Clint gave him. Seems like Mitch was part of the cover-up then and now!

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