“Anarcho-rightists” doing WAY more harm than any left-anarchists ever dreamed of doing (2 items)

The Anarcho-Rightists

Writing in 1995, Bruce Sterling identified the threat posed by the anarchists on the right. Unlike the wanna-bes on the left, who march in the streets with giant puppets and throw bricks through windows, the right-wing anarchists are destroying the institutions that created our society, and building something closer to their anarchic hearts. Maybe it’s a Theocracy, maybe it’s some kind of Randian paradise, but whatever it is, they are well on their way.

The seeds were planted years ago. B.C. Forbes, Malcolm’s dad and Steve’s granddad hated FDR and raised a family devoted to undoing the New Deal. Richard Nixon’sratfucking. Lee Atwater using dogwhistles, deceit and lies to destroy opposing politicians for the first George Bush. The crude video tactics of Andrew Breitbart The violence and murders of the right-to-life movement. The open-carry tactics used to frighten people in public parks. Caging voters. These tactics are far from the free and open discussion of political matters that is the hallmark of a democracy.

It isn’t just tactics. Republicans are busy destroying the institutions that for decades controlled the merciless drive for power. Tom Delay changed centuries of practice by redistricting Texas a second time [.pdf] after the 2000 census, causing a swing of six seats from Democrats to Republicans in a state already controlled by Republicans.

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Hurtling toward economic chaos
The economies of the U.S., Europe and China are on the edge of disaster By Mike Davis
LA Times Op-Ed: July 26, 2011

When my old gang and I were 14 or 15 years old, many centuries ago, we yearned for immortality in the fiery wreck of a ’40 Ford or ’57 Chevy. Our J. K. Rowling was Henry Gregor Felsen, the ex- Marine who wrote the 1950s bestselling masterpieces “Hot Rod,” “Street Rod” and “Crash Club.”

His books — highly praised by the National Safety Council — were deterrents to unsafe driving, meant to scare my generation straight with huge dollops of teenage gore. In fact, he was our asphalt Homer, praising doomed teenage heroes and inviting us to emulate their legend.

One of his books ends with an apocalyptic collision at a crossroads in a small Iowa town, and the deaths of the teens are graphically described. We loved this passage so much that we used to read it aloud to one another.

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