7 of Paul Ryan’s constituents are occupying his office (2 items)

The Ryan Seven will continue occupation as long as necessary
Post by Jesse Russell on 8/18/2011 4:10pm

Constituents of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-District 1) continue to occupy his offices waiting for the Congressman to grant a meeting. Ryan is currently vacationing with his family, but the seven individuals sitting in his office say they have all tried to contact Ryan, multiple times, and have received the same generic email response. Traditionally when members of Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation break for the August recess they hold town hall meetings where they listen to concerns off constituents in their districts. Ryan, so far, has only scheduled one “public” appearance at the Whitenall Park Rotary September 6 banquet. Attendees will be required to pay a $15 fee to be one of the lucky 300 to meet with the Representative. I spoke with four of the Ryan Seven this afternoon and they all said they were planning to stay “as long as it takes.” (they’re also posting video testimonials on the Wisconsin Jobs Now website)

Scott Page has been let go from two jobs during the last two years. In the first case his position was outsourced to Mexico and in the second he was required to train an individual in China to be his replacement. Page said he’s hoping Ryan will “have a heart” and take time to listen to the unemployed in his backyard instead of only the business owners.

He said paying $15 to attend the Rotary’s banquet for Ryan was unacceptable, “I don’t have $15 to ask Rep. Ryan questions, so I guess this is the only means I have to talk to him.”

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Some Testimonials
Posted by matthewfinnell on August 18, 2011

These people are fed up that Rep. Paul Ryan won’t meet with them, or other citizens in his district. They want to share their reasons with you below.


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