Wisconsites get pre-election (i.e, anti-election) robocalls from Americans for Prosperity (Koch) & “right to life” groups

Election tampering full of KOCH?
Americans for Prosperity and Right to Life meddle in Wisconsin Primary?

Wisconsin — Many Wisconsinites are receiving robo calls from a few different numbers alerting them:

“That they would be mailed absentee ballots, for the upcoming recall elections, within the next few days and they would appreciate it if you would sign it and return it within the next five days!”

This was a blatant attempt by individuals and organizations to tamper with today’s primary election. With so much riding on the line, both Democrats and Republicans should be outraged at this nefarious attempt to again call into question the integrity of a Wisconsin election. The numbers reported so far have been searched online and found as being both Americans for Prosperity and Right To Life. You can see the results for yourself here.

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