Wisconsin GAB bans citizen oversight of recall elections—making them much easier to steal (next month)

Yesterday’s Democratic primary in Wisconsin was a great success, as all the genuine Democrats—backed by the public workers unions (AND the great majority of voters)—handily defeated the fake “Democrats” set upby the GOP, their chances improved (though not enough) by robocalls and other dirty tricks. (In one county, officials were reportedly demanding photo IDs, although that requirement is not yet in force.)

While things went went, however, it was also a GOP dress rehearsal for the theft of the recall elections proper, due to take place in a few weeks: Wisconsin’s “Government Accountability Board,” claiming to respond to “protests” by some voters, summarily shut down citizen exit polling efforts—legitimate and necessary efforts to monitor the voting process, and supervised by the non-partisan Election Defense Alliance.

EDA’s Sally Castleman reports:

“Today one group was moved 100 ft away (across a road, I think), so it was futile to continue. The other was moved back somewhat —maybe only 40 feet—but voters were not allowed to touch the questionnaires, could only answer oral questions. We know that the lack of privacy reduces participation and increases lying.

“The volunteers got experience, and some of the voters may have been educated some, but there’s no way we could call the exit poll successful.

“The GAB seems hellbent on preventing citizen oversight.”

DailyKos (below), and every other entity that’s trying to mobilize Wisconsin for the recalls, must do more than just “get out the vote.” The devil’s in the details; so if they don’t pay attention to those little things—like exit polls, and other ways to monitor the process— they’re wasting time and money, and putting this whole vital effort at grave risk.

Meanwhile, progressives in Wisconsin must start suing—to block the GAB’s attempt to help Koch/Walker block the vote.



Tonight, all of the real Democrats in the Wisconsin recall primaries defeated the fake Democrats who Republicans threw up against them. Even though primaries in Wisconsin are open to members of all parties and even though Republicans worked to turn out their tea party base, all of the real Democrats won anyway. In fact, all but one of them had over 65% of the vote.

We successfully slapped down one Republican dirty trick, but there will be more before the recalls are done. Please, make sure we keep winning by contributing $1 to each of the nine Democratic recall candidates.

Now, it’s on to the general elections. There will be one on July 19, six on August 9, and two on August 16.

Republicans ran the fake candidates to draw out the recall elections. They believe that over a longer election season, their unlimited corporate attack ads will wear us down. They are also using the extra time to hastily pass new redistricting maps.

Republicans think they can take away workers’ rights and then use dirty tricks to thwart democracy. It’s up to us to prove them wrong. Please, contribute $1 to each of the nine Democratic recall candidates.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

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